TopShop Beguiled Lipstick & Smart Lip Cream Review.

Since Topshop launched their makeup line in Singapore, I always knew I wanted to get something don’t ask me why it took me 2 years+ to get my first product. That’s just how it

Anyways I finally went in & decided to grab these! I’ve been eyeing another polish but I have not seen it in Singapore! >:( I got mine at Topshop ION & if my memory serves me well the lipstick was $19 & lip cream was $13-15(?).

Topshop Lipstick and gloss

Firstly, why does my lipstick tube look sooo discoloured? The top part just looks soooo yellow! The packaging especially the lipstick feels quite cheap, & when I say that I mean it feels cheaper than drugstore products!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss1

Lipstick in Beguiled & lip cream in Smart (quite a weird I do like the polka dots & strips on the packaging!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss2

I loveeee the berry looking colour & I knew I needed the lip cream the minute I saw it! I know the lipstick looks soooo dark, but when worn it’s a very pretty wearable berry colour!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss3

This might be super random & odd, but I love the font for ‘LIPS’ & ‘LIP CREAM’. LOL!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss4

The usual doe-foot applicator, nothing fancy.

Topshop Lipstick and gloss5-001

Swatches! They actually looks super pretty on the hand & when applied to the lips it’s very pretty toooo!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss7

Beguiled lipstick on it’s own! It’s quite a pretty colour but has almost no staying power! Considering that it is a darker colour, I would think it would leave abit of the stain but it didn’t!

Topshop Lipstick and gloss6

Okay, so now about the lip cream. It looks kinda pretty on the lips BUT I feel the quality is REALLY lousy! Firstly since it is marketed as a lip cream, I would assume that it would be more creamy, thicker & less runny. I think the reason why they market it as a cream vs gloss is because it is not sticky or tacky. Since it doesn’t have the stickiness they decided it would be apt to name it a lip cream. It just didn’t work because they used the formulation that glosses usually have minus the stickiness which is a no go because that just equates to glossed up face.

This product does not stay on you lips at all! In fact you can get this all over your face, no I’m not kidding. If you go out with this and the wind blows your hair & it touches your lips, get ready for some mess all over your face. While snapping picture I accidentally brushed against the top of my lips, low & behold I had gloss on my NOSE. I mean that is kinda of ridiculous, what kind of lousy the staying power is this.

I think it is mainly because it isn’y sticky. I would tell you to save your pennies on something better, the lipsticks are okay nothing to shout about but definitely skip the lip creams. They are just not worth your pennies albeit the gorgeous colours available.

Have you tried any TopShop makeup products which are worth trying? I’ve heard the polishes are pretty awesome, but I don’t think I’ll be getting them anytime soon!

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