I’m leaving on a Jet Plane…

..don’t know when I’ll be back again. LOL!

This post is probably gonna be the shortest post ever and I don’t have a better way to break the news but I’m leaving on a jet plane! I will be moving back to Brisbane at the end of the year! :D

In saying that no worries, you’ll still see me on this space with updates from down under but I thought I should still let you girls know about the move. I might be kinda MIA the next few months, so please bear with me! Before I leave I will be doing probably 2 blog sales of a lot of preloved items because amongst my clothes, books, makeup, perfume, shoes, bags & etc (LOL). I really can’t bring them all.

Till the next post! Thanks for all your support on elizabeauty, girls!  <3

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4 thoughts on “I’m leaving on a Jet Plane…

  1. Euphemia says:

    Hello Eliza, it’s Euphe from CEFC, not sure if you do rem me. Came across your blog while researching about make up! Boy, you’ve really grown up. (;

    Btw, would you be having any blog sale soon? I have a few items that I’ve been wanting to try but not willing to splurge since not too sure if it fits my skin type.

    All the best for Aussie too!!

    • elizabeauty says:

      Euphe: Woo! Hello! Of course I rem you :) hehe! Yeah! I’ll be having one soon, before I leave! :D In the beginning of nov, stay tunned okay! Thanks a lot! :D

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