Upcoming Posts!

Helllo *waves*

Do you still even remember me? LOL! I’ve been on a hiatus which seemed like forever (because it probably was), anyway with my new commitments it might be harder for me to post regularly but I’ll definitely try my best. I have truly missed posting on this little space of mine :)

Thank you guys for continuing to visit, despite my long hiatus! I really appreciate it! This post is basically just dropping in to say hello + show you what I’ve got installed for the next month or so! Although I’ve not been posting, I have still been hauling (lol) & if you want to see the hauls as they happen follow me on instagram (@elizabeauty) because I’m very ┬ámuch still active there! :)


IMG_8372IMG_8382IMG_7871 IMG_7892IMG_8424 IMG_0487Leave your comments/tweet me as to which products you’re most interested in seeing swatches for & I’ll post those first :)

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One thought on “Upcoming Posts!

  1. icyabstract says:

    HELLO YOUUUUU! Yay, you updated this space! Can’t wait for you to have some free time on your hands (whenever that may be) and kick start this space again! In the mean while, I will be refreshing ;)

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